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The wine industry hasn’t changed in forever.  So why not shake things up a bit?

Most wines talk about the same things: terroir, winemakers, and the winery.  The same ol’ stories brought to life with a boring bottle on a vineyard image.

Our mission is simple: all we care about is grapes & great wine.  Instead of investing in a fancy chateau, we own no land, no winery, no extra “stuff”.  We invest all our time and resources into grapes.  We are constantly searching for the highest quality fruit to bring you the best wine from around the world.  We partner with the best globally acclaimed winemakers to turn those amazing grapes into a fine expression of wine that over-delivers quality for value.

But why the “R”?  Because it’s R’s not Theirs. 

“R” refers to “our” – we want R wines to be inclusive.  “Theirs” is a reference to all the out of touch traditions the wine industry follows.  This is why we use old black and white aristocrat photos on our bottles & put R modern gold mark on ‘em.

“They” speak to confusing technical stuff most people don’t understand – things like “Residual Sugar” or “malolactic fermentation” or “impact of the terroir” or ratings with flamboyant descriptions  from someone you have never heard of.  “They” also tell you to pair their wine with foods like “osso bucco” & “Saloneque olives”.  Things you never eat.

R approach is simpler and straight-forward.  We believe wine should be enjoyed by everyone, and R stories should make sense, no matter your level of wine knowledge.  We’ve got all the technical stuff if you really want it, but we’ve obsessed over the technical stuff and crafting R wines, so you just get to drink it.  Wines for wine drinkers, not wine snobs.