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Refined, Bold, Complex.

LOOKS LIKE… saturated, deep and dark

SMELLS LIKE… black currant with hits of cedar and honey

TASTES LIKE… dark chocolate, black currant and honey

GOES WITH… grilled steak or anything “red meat”, dark chocolate, nights in full of tales two keep between two.

AGE FOR… drink now or up to 5 years.

Cab is the “icon” of the wine industry. There are icons everywhere in society, standing handsome on their pedestals, a near god-like effigy. Though none that are as rare and defined as a reserved. We wanted to portray our own iconic Rcabernet a nod to traditional and bring elevation, a refined, aged taste. RESERVE packs layers of rich dark fruit, with an elegant touch of cedar and black currant on your tongue. All wrapped up in major body.

These grapes are harvested from top quality sunny California AVA Napa Valley vineyards for diversity and intensity of fruit. We fermented those delicious grapes in stainless steel to let that fruit character shine through, and then aged the wine for over a year in a unique blend of American oak barrels to let the wine develop complexity and get those big chewy tannins settled. Although it rested for a while, it still packs a big punch!